Events are so much fun… when there is fun stuff to do!!!

By adding an activity or workshop to your event you can create a memorable experience, a point of difference or a valued addition to guests experience. Wanna Play? activities can be tailored to suit all types of age groups and intensity levels with most being able to be themed to suit your specific event.

Wanna Play? likes to think outside the box with things such as.. starting with a short car rally that leads everyone to the event at once, a side activity where each guest gets a score so a mini-comp can be had, an activity which offers great photo opportunities for those great memories and the list goes on.

Due to specialising in Major Event setups and multi-activity operations, Wanna Play? can offer a one stop fun shop to supply an array of activities, workshops, entertainment and personnel. Covered with $20mil Public Liability and all the other fine prints and red tapes Wanna Play? can gaurentee a professional, safe and super fun experience for everyone involved.

** Even if you have an idea for your event but just need help getting it going… we Wanna Play too!!!

Contact us now with details of your event, size etc and any thoughts you have so far and we will get back to you with the best fun we can offer!!

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