Big kids like to play too!!

Not only that, there are heaps of benefits from playing such as health, coordination, self achievement, socializing, skill building and all the chill, relaxtion and zen type stuff. Not to mention the neuroscience link between ‘playing’ being one the the 3 key requirements for people (especially adults) to learn new things!

It’s proven from my experience that adults are harder to engage in play than children, though its also proven in my experience that most Adults have that little kid inside them that wants to play!! With Wanna Play? offering a diverse, unique and customisable range of offerings there is sure to be something to make you want to play!!

And Remember… “We don’t stop playing because we grow old… We grow old because we stop playing!!”


Wanna Play? can offer a variety of relaxed or focused Activities and Workshops from small break-out activity through to full day programs such as Breakout Circus Play, Team Building Games, Building Projects for Charity, Beach Survivor Games, Observation Rally, Race Around the Town and more.

With 10+ years experience in management and business across Corporate, Private and Government ‘ownership’, our Tribe Leader has created these products with key lessons from Emotional Intelligence, Team Cohesiveness and ‘Right Track’ Focus being the forefront of content and desired outcomes.

Wanna Play? can also offer and/or package together many great Entertainment options to suit Soiree’s, Cocktail Parties, Banquets and Work Functions etc. From DJ and MC Services to Fire and Circus Stage Performance to Roaming Magic, Wanna Play? can seamlessly fit into any occasion and bring the fun.

Also on offer is Personnel Hire for purposes such as Meet and Greet, Promotion or Guest Services. With a staff of fun, friendly and presentable staff who are happy to ‘theme up’ for the occasion, we will be sure to deliver your message with ease and style.

Adults and Big Kids

As we know, the crowd is often split when the group wants to do something fun for a Birthday, Bucks, Hens, or any other Celebratory Occasion. And it’s even harder as a venue owner trying to create something for everyone!! That’s where Wanna Play?’s flexibility, creativity and customisable offerings really help to get people interested.

From running Murder Mysteries, Poker Nights or Game and Trivia Nights through to Fire and Flow Workshops and DJ/MC Services we have the variety and funk to make the fun happen to suit your crowd. We also offer skilled Bar Tenders and Servers to simply help your event run smoothly and in style.

Contact us now with details of your event, size etc and any thoughts you have so far and we will get back to you with the best fun we can offer!!