We’ve been way to busy having fun… this bit is coming soon!!!

Music can add to every occasion, especially with the wide variety available these days…

Weather you require an all pleasing pop and classics set, a chilled underground house vibe, a child friendly disco or a rocking dance party, Wanna Play? can make it happen. With over 12 years DJ experience across many styles of music and from clubs to functions, we can meet all requirements.

Both ‘Plug and Play’ into an existing Audio System or Supplying the whole Audio and Lighting are available along with the option of MC Services to whatever involvement you may require.

All in all, we can be the funky background music at your corporate or private cocktail party, the ever polite and crowd pleasing DJ/MC at your family parties and community events, the formal MC and supplier of background music playlist at your awards night or corporate function, the over energetic entertainers and pop providers, the hard beat bringer and dance floor hype’er… or any other idea you can think of!!!!