Here at Wanna Play? we seek and source quality props that are designed to be played with. Practicality, Durability and Awesomeness are key focus rather than bells and whistles, inflated expensive stuff or cheap prices. “We spin what we sell” is our motto when it comes to our play kits and we trust in our toys.

If you have any questions about any of our products, don’t hesitate in getting in touch. We’re more than happy to offer any comments or recommendations that will help you fill that perfect play kit!! And of course… If you are already in or are travelling to Broome.. hit us up.. lets go play!!

Our Brands

We support both leading and emerging brands who offer quality toys and value. Our list below will grow as our site develops… and we stop playing! Hey, with limited time this is the stuff that can wait a few weeks. Woop Woop

  • Juggle Dream
  • Flow Toys
  • Duncan YoYo
  • Aerobie
  • Concentrate
  • The Wanna Play Fire Workshop
Featured Products

As we say “We spin what we sell”! Below are some of our products that deserve a bit more of a description including comments from Warriors who have actually used and chosen these props.

  • Again… we’ll get to this bit in due course.. i think my Pod Poi have recharged so i gotta bail!!

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